“His energy, message, and ability to speak to students at their level
reinforces our anti-bullying message.”

Karl Galey, Superintendent

See how Travis Brown
can make an IMPACT
in your school!

Travis’s Most Requested Assemblies

Mojo Up: Elementary Students, You Make A Difference

Audience: Grades K-4
Program Length: 30 Minutes
Presentation Format: Assembly Keynote
Presentation Location: Auditorium/Gym

Program Description:

Mr. Mojo’s inspiring message will share important information with your young students on how serious bullying can be. He will explain the five different roles of the bullying process and touch on physical and verbal bullying. This presentation will help shape students’ thoughts about what is normal and the fact that it is cool to be “different.” This is a high-energy, interactive, fun presentation that is guaranteed to have your students cheering, laughing, ready to treat people with respect, and stop bullying in your school!

Key concepts your students will learn:

  • What bullying is (including several elementary examples)
  • Four things every student can do to help stop bullying
  • How to get help if you are being bullied
  • Mojo Up & Make A Difference

“He helped the students feel comfortable enough to bring bullying issues to our attention so we can handle them. I am truly grateful!!”

– Kim Cantrell,  Elementary School Principal

“I thought he was very good, exciting, he got the kids up off their feet and got them excited and involved in the program.” 

— Chad Boss Principal East Tipp

Mojo Up: Students, You Make A Difference #UMAD

Audience: Grades 5-12 (Intermediate, Middle School, High School)
Program Length: 45 Minutes
Presentation Format: Assembly Keynote
Presentation Location: Auditorium/Gym

Program Length: 30-90 Minutes
Program Description:

“You Make A Difference” will change the culture in your school forever! This inspiring message will reveal the untold truth about how often most of us bully or allow bullying to happen around us each day.

Mr. Mojo will break down how to identify the five roles of the bullying process, spotlight the physical, mental and cyber aspects of bullying and uncover that our perceptions of “normal” cause many of the problems we face with bullying. This presentation is guaranteed to have your students cheering, crying and committing to changing the way they treat people by taking a stand to stop bullying! It’s time your students realize that each and every one of them truly makes a difference!

Key concepts your students will learn:

  • The definitions of bully, bullied, bystander, promoter and Mojo Maker
  • How the ideals of normal and different impact how we treat people
  • How to heal the pain from being bullied or being the bully
  • What cyber bullying is and how to avoid making a life-changing mistake
  • How to handle bullying attacks to your “core”
  • Simple steps to help stop bullying in your school every day

“Travis is full of high energy and engaging presentation that suits junior high age students well; powerful message that ALL students can relate to.”

-Tim A. Mankin Junior High School Principal

“I liked the energy of the message because the kids hear this from me and they hear it from the teachers all the time but here was someone who used to be in their place and I think he could reach them with this message in a way that we could not.”

— Maryland Ferguson, Principal, Southwestern Middle School

Mojo Up: I Am a Leader

Audience: Grades 5-12 (Intermediate, Middle School, High School)
Program Length: 1 Hour, Half Day, or Full Day
Presentation Format: Breakout/Training
Presentation Location: Auditorium/Gym/Large Classroom/Conference

Program Description:
Leadership is “our ability to successfully influence the people around us”. Right now, we need more teen leaders to understand how to use leadership skills to take on our country’s greatest youth challenge… BULLYING! In schools today it takes a strong group of student leaders who are willing to Mojo Up with courage, conviction, strong communication skills and commitment to create a safe environment!

Mr. Mojo will work hands-on with your group of students, take his universal leadership skills and directly link them to the daily situations students face when taking a stand against bullying. Each Mojo Leadership Factor has a unique piece designed to equip your students with the tools to be strong leaders in your school and community!

Key concepts your students will learn:

  • The importance of developing an anti-bullying student task force
  • Understanding what bullying looks like in your school
  • Easy ways to handle bullies, bystanders, and promoters
  • How to build a solid foundation for a successful leadership role
  • Five ways to be a positive difference maker in your school
  • How to convey a powerful message without saying a word

“I definitely thought he did a very good job, the kids were attentive, he had really good methods for making sure their paying attention, he jokes around, he’s light hearted with the crowd, and he had a very good message and it got to the students.”

— Tommy Skinner Jeff HS Student Government Teacher

“Mr. Mojo’s parent session was great! It really helped our parent understand what their students are going through and how to help them handle bullying.”

—Liz Wright, Middle School Principal

Student Training 5-12

Mojo Up: Student Task Force Planning Session

Audience: Grades 5-12 (Intermediate, Middle School, High School)
Program Length: 1 Hour, Half Day, or Full Day
Presentation Format: Group Training
Presentation Location: Classroom/Conference Room

Program Description:
This is an essential session that allows a small group of student leaders to work directly with Mr Mojo on developing the student-led portion of the school’s anti-bullying program. This hands-on approach will provide step-by-step guidance on the year-long strategies student leaders will set up and implement.

Key implementation strategies your students will develop:

  • How to develop a successful anti-bullying student task force
  • How to plan and run successful task force meetings
  • Quick steps to create a clear vision, goal and action plan for success
  • How to get the administration, teachers and staff on board
  • Steps to organize an anti-bullying week and get school participation
  • What posters, banners and pledges to use to create school buy-in
  • Useful methods for lesson plans and school-wide activities
  • The importance of involving parents and community members
  • Raising funds to provide awards and funding for special events

“I learned that you have to step up and bring positive attitudes to the table and you can go so far and if you really put your whole heart in everything you never know where it can take you.”

— Abbie Newton,  High School Student

“Mr. Mojo’s program was high energy, fun, and right on target! Our kids really enjoyed the presentation and were engaged throughout the program.”

—Tomas Lucero, High School Assistant Principal

Mojo Up: Athletes, You Make A Difference

Audience: Athletes and Sports Teams
Program Length: 45 Minutes
Presentation Format: Assembly Keynote
Presentation Location: Auditorium/Gym

Program Description:

Bullying and hazing is not acceptable and should not be tolerated in any sport.
“Athletes, You Make A Difference” is one of the most important messages every athlete should hear and understand. With all eyes on them, athletes should be viewed as the school’s top leaders, not the biggest bullies! So whether it is in the classroom or on the playing field, court, mat or pool, your athletes must be ready to be leaders, take a stand and make a positive difference!
As a former college athlete, Travis will share with your players and coaches what it takes to be a successful student-athlete, a leader at all times and, of course, what it means to be a true winner!

Key concepts your athletes will learn:

  • The definitions of bullying and hazing
  • How to handle hazing and bullying in the locker room or classroom
  • What cyber bullying is and how it can damage your future
  • How to handle hazing/bullying by your teammates or the competition
  • Simple steps to become a better leader on your team and at school

“He was awesome and really funny. He had everybody pumped up and I am looking forward to seeing him again.”

— Deanna Mayberry High School Student

Every kid needs to hear this message.”

– Marques Clayton, Athletic Director