“Investing in Travis’s consulting day was a major step for our district. His knowledge and ability helped us build a stronger and more unified district culture and was essential for increasing our overall student achievement!”

  —Roger Jacks, School Superindependent & Arizona State Board of Education Member

Travis Brown leads a talented Mojo Up Consulting Team that is comprised of highly successful superintendents, principals, counselors, attorneys, and top industry advisors who are ready to jump in with you and help you drive the new culture shift your district needs to thrive!

Working with the Mojo Up Consulting Team will challenge you to look deep at the five major factors controlling the success and failure of your district: Leadership, Clarity, Trust, Growth, and Execution! Our team is guaranteed to help you revitalize the foundation of your district so you can experience off-the-chart gains in teacher retention, student engagement, and overall academic achievement.

Consulting Programs

  • Leadership Development
  • School Culture Improvement
  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Disproportionality of Discipline
  • Positive Behavior Interventions Supports
  • Diversity & Cultural Competency
  • District Wide Anti-Bullying Policy, Procedures, and Intervention Strategy
  • Teacher Development
  • Security and Safety Assessments

“Consulting with Travis allowed us to get the right policies and procedures in place to create a safe school environment.”

– Lou Anne Schwenn, Associate Superintendent


“I have implemented Travis’s Mojo Up Program in two completely different schools with great results. This program was an essential part of helping our teachers and student leaders take ownership in creating a positive, safe school culture!”

– Dr. Byron Ernest Superintendent, & Indiana State Board of Education Member

We Help Your Leadership Make Small Adjustments that equal big results!