“Travis’ message is very uplifting and inspiring! Travis would be a great kick-off speaker
to engage everyone immediately and set the positive tone for the event!”

– Lori Todd, President Association of Student, Assistance Professionals of New Jersey

Travis’s Most Requested Motivational Keynotes

(Ideal for Opening & Closing)

Mojo Up Your Leadership

leadership2“Uncover the 4 Unique Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Your Influence and Help You Become a Highly Successful Industry Leader”

Program Length: 30-90 Minutes
Program Description:

Travis will share the 4 most important “secret decisions” great leaders MUST make and how these evidence-based strategies will change your leadership approach and, ultimately, your school culture forever.

After this training you will: 

  • Increase Your Influencethe RIGHT WAY and create a high-achieving school culture
  • Build a New School Cultureand Maximize Your Results
  • Engage Your Teamand save an ENORMOUS amount of time, energy, effort, and wasted money with staff turnover

Travis Brown is such an inspiring speaker! It was truly a life changing experience!”

– Rachel Schwering, High School Counselor

“I’ve heard Travis on a couple of occasions now and he’s very dynamic and great at motivating educators!” 

– Tim Slauter, High School Assistant Principal

“Travis’s message for our drivers was fantastic! He gave us very practical tools to use and really inspired us to make a difference everyday with our kids.”

– Kimberly Rentner, Transportation Supervisor

Mojo Up Your Classroom

(Ideal for Opening & Closing)

rsz_classroom“How to Give Your Best to Your Students and Still Love Your Life”

Program Length: 30-90 Minutes
Program Description:

This message is guaranteed to motivate, inspire, and fuel you to Mojo Up, connect with your students, and increase school achievement!

After this training you will: 

  • Create a new passion and drive for improving your student’s achievement
  • Apply a few small adjustments with Big Results in your school
  • Learn how you become a valued contributor and leader in your building

“Travis really gets your mind thinking, he gets you thinking about what’s important in life, what’s important in your job and exactly how you can make an impact in your building!”

—Doug Patterson, High School Assistant Principal

The Mojo Up Program has completely changed the culture and climate of our school! Every year we have him back and he continues to inspire our staff, students, and our parents to take bullying seriously and make a positive difference!”

– Angela Fraley, School Guidance Counselor

“Travis  is great, I’ve used a lot of ideas he’s had a already as being an administrator in a high school on conflict resolution. That’s what we do a big portion of our day and a lot of his concepts have really worked out well for me.”

 — Francis, Assistant Principal Jefferson High School

Mojo Up Your School Culture


“How Successful Schools Intentionally Change Their Culture”

Program Length: 30-90 Minutes
Program Description:

This inspiring message will provide the 7-step blueprint to engage your team, build your culture, and increase your student achievement!

After this training you will: 

  • Transform how your educators impact bullying, disproportionality of discipline, PBIS, and the over all school culture!
  • Avoid the #1 mistake school leaders make when trying to change their school environment!
  • Learn simple-to-implement strategies to help your leadership team maximize the potential of your faculty, staff, and students!

“Travis will not just bring enthusiasm to your school. He’s a very genuine guy, and he continues to amaze me with his message.”

-Mr. John Beeker High School Principal

“Travis has contagious, positive energy and a wonderful personal story. He is able to relate to people very effectively.”

—Ronda McKinnis, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Keynote Sessions

Travis’s keynotes are powerful and engaging sessions that challenge and inspire executives, management, sales, customer service, and valuable team member audiences. This large group experience can produce improved leadership skills, sales productivity, personal development, and overall success. These sessions may range from 30-90 minutes.