Meet Travis Brown

Motivational Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author | TV Celebrity

“When you wake up each day and feel great about
who you are, what you do, and who you help,
you know are living with the Mojo!”

Travis Brown grew up in the small Midwestern city of Lafayette, Indiana, raised by a hard-working single mother and factory-working father. A three-sport varsity athlete in high school, Travis went on to pursue his dream of playing college football at Illinois State and finishing at Purdue University. For the last seventeen years Travis has spent his career in sales, executive management, consulting, business ownership, speaking, and training.

As one of the world’s most-booked motivational speakers, Travis Brown is a dynamic personality and highly sought after consultant, speaker, and trainer. Travis has delivered over 2,000 motivational presentations to associations, companies, colleges, and schools nationwide.

Inspiring and Engaging!

“Travis is a leader of leaders. Watching someone who models the principles they teach is a very special thing ”

– Darrin Gray, Director of Corporate Partnerships, All Pro Dad

Travis acquired the name “Mr. Mojo” for his high energy, intense content, and captivating speaking style. His life experiences and stories have proven to be a successful training platform to educate, motivate, and entertain his diverse audiences.

  • Top associations call on him to bring a powerful, world class, inspiring, and content rich message.
  • For corporations, Travis consults with executives on how to develop stronger leadership, create better training programs, and build more efficient operational structures to impact the company’s bottom line.
  • For colleges, he coaches “Next Gen Leaders” on positive social media engagement, how to create influence, and prepares them for the jump from college to the real world.
  • With schools, helping them develop a positive climate and culture is his passion! Travis continues to work with administrators, teachers, and coaches, training them on how to engage and inspire our students to be leaders and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

The Mojo Up Program continues to be sought out by top companies like the U.S. Capitol Police Department, Department of Defense, Hershey’s Ice Cream, Kroger, Epson North American, Kellogg’s, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburg Steelers.

Travis and his life-changing programs have been featured on top news outlets like FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and MTV. As an accomplished author of six books and the creator of the Mojo Up Anti-Bullying Leadership program for schools, Travis provides tools to help with personal and organizational growth in an effort to fulfill his overall mission, Mojo Up, “Be Your Best & Give Your Best!

Travis and his wife, Bre, currently live in Fishers, Indiana, with their three children: Jayla, Carter, and Braden.

“If I have learned one thing that changed everything for me,
is that when I had the Mojo Up Mindset, I succeeded.
When I didn’t, I failed! This is true of you too.
You just may not realize it yet.”

Join the Mojo Up movement and let these powerful presentations motivate, inspire, and empower your team to achieve success.

The Real
Travis Brown

Birthplace: Lafayette, IN
High School: McCutcheon High School (Lafayette, IN)
College: Illinois State, Purdue University
First Job: Sports Camp Counselor
First Real Job: The Finish Line
Proud Parent: Jayla, Carter, Braden
Wife: Bre Brown
Currently Live: Fishers, IN (Indianapolis Area)

Apps: FB, Twitter, Instagram Starbucks, Bombbomb
Movies: Gladiator, Negotiator
TV Shows: Suits, Scandal, Blackish, Blue Bloods
Reality Shows: Fixer Upper
Favorite Song: Good Good Father
Magazine: Golf Magizine
Board Game: Monopoly
Nintendo Game: Kung Fu
Actor/Actress: Denzel Washington
Events: Grammy’s, MTV & ESPY Awards
Sporting Events: NBA Finals & The Masters

McDonalds: Meal #1 w/ NO onions
Starbucks: Grande vanilla latte, 2 sweet in lows
Candy Bar: Kit Kat
Restaurant: Long Horn Steak House
Drink: Red Cream Soda
Dessert: McDonald’s Vanilla Ice Cream
Breakfast Food: Bacon and Eggs
Pizza: Pizza King
Vegetable: Carrots and Green beans
Late Night Snack: Ice Cream Bars
Note to servers: Always extra extra CHEESE!

Basketball Player: Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry & Russell Westbrook
Football Player: Robert Mathis
Baseball Player: Clayton Richard & A-Rod
College Teams: Purdue, FSU Football, Duke Basketball
Pro Teams: Pacers & Colts
Golfer: Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth
Olympic Sport: Gymnastics
To Play: Basketball & Golf
I want to try: Scuba Diving
Coolest Adventure I’ve done: Sky Diving

Childhood Heroes: Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders, Rickey Henderson
Cartoon: Smurfs, Inspector Gadget
Drink: Root beer floats with Grandpa
Superhero: Superman & Spiderman
TV Show: Saved By the Bell, Fresh Prince
Movie: Six Pack, Boyz n the Hood, Karate Kid
Book: To Kill A Mocking Bird, Fab Five
Cell Phone: Zack Morris Brick Phone
Hair Style: AFRO
Car: ’88 Dodge Daytona (Named Paradise)
Fathers’ Day Tradition: Fishing with Dad, Golfing with Grandpa

Children’s Story: The Little Engine That Could
Real Heroes: Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson
Past Time: Riding bikes & Roller Skating with Jayla
Musical: The Sound of Music and High School Musical
Jeans: True Religion
Sweat Suits: Love them!
Favorite Shoes:  Nike Lunar Glide
Hobbies: Golf, Basketball
Vacation Spot: Anywhere warm
Author: John Maxwell
Most Admired People: Mom & Dad (The commitment to have me in 1976)
Would Love to Meet: Ray Lewis, Tiger Woods, President Obama, Jay Z, Mark Zuckersburg, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan